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You know, there’s something pretty darned awesome about being able to say, “Yeah, I made that with my own two hands.” Usually I say this about meals or desserts I cook, but I’ve never been able to say that about a piece of furniture (even assembled ones from IKEA, as He-Pobke is the master of that domain).

Well. See THEIR WHOLE ENTIRE HOUSE? Yeah. Alistair made that. With his own two hands.

I first met Susan and Ally three years ago when I photographed their beautiful wedding out at Grazing (which, ahem, Ally built). So when they booked me in for their family photography session, I was thrilled and over the moon because (a) they’re an awesome couple; (b) I love photographing families; and (c) it’s always an honour to be called on again to document couples as their family grows and expands.

Ally and Susan, thanks again for being such game subjects. “Lay down in that snake-ridden field!” “Sure!!” I mean really, you guys are a dream to photograph but more so because of your positive, laid back attitude when it comes to my suggestions. Thank you for having me around and spoiling me with delicious biscuits and coffee and adorable, wonderful, squishy L cuddles. I can’t wait to photograph you again in the (hopefully) not so distant future, where I can shoot more things Ally made! :)

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We Pobkes aren’t planners. Well, when it comes to international travel, we definitely plan ahead, but when it comes to weekend getaways, it’s often times a very spur of the moment thing. Like our visit to Yarrangobilly Caves this past long weekend:

He-Pobke: “Wanna do something fun tomorrow?”
Me: “Yeah, what should we do?”
Him: “I was thinking of going to Yarrangobilly Caves… We should stay at the Caves House!”
Me: “I’ll call and book!”

That night we got the confirmation and we excitedly packed up our things for our early morning departure on Sunday morning. However, because of the last minute organising on our part, we forgot to pack the coffee, bread for our ham and cheese toasties, and we also broke a few house rules along the way and copped a scolding from the resident house frau (apparently it’s a no-no to squeeze four Pobkes in one King sized bed… Something to do with “fire hazards”, and when checking in it’s very important to listen to the directions of where your room is going to be otherwise you accidentally take someone else’s room and lock them out. Oops.) But anyway.

If you haven’t been out to Yarrangobilly Caves, you need to. But like, plan ahead unlike us Pobkes and stay a weekend at the Caves House and explore the beautiful surrounds and swim at the thermal pool and the gorgeous (and slightly scary) caves. And the best part (or maybe the worst part?) is that there is absolutely zero coverage out there, so you can forget an evening of Netflix or checking Facebook. No. Internet. Whatsoever. There’s not even a TV in the common area, so you actually have to stare at the person you’re talking to and listen 100%! :)

There is a peaceful, powerful stillness to this place. We had the best time exploring nature and adventuring with our girls. Even when we weren’t “adventuring” outside, we were still adventuring in our own little ways in the house, cooking dinner together in the shared kitchen, doing puzzles from the common room, eating breakfast on the porch in the cold morning, listening to podcasts on the three hour drive back home, looking out at the acres and acres of fields with wild brumbies. I guess that’s what memory making is all about, isn’t it? The little details and snippets of your holiday away that together make up the big event. This short little holiday is one I won’t forget for a while. :)

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Even after over ten years here in Australia, I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that April is apple picking month. To me, September is always apple season, and being from Washington state (where we are famous for three things: grunge music, Starbucks and apples), September is ingrained in me.

This partly explains why I’m the last person in Canberra to take her daughters apple picking. When we arrived at the beautiful Tanbella Orchards today, my heart sunk when we saw rows and rows of green trees with hardly any fruit left on them. Regardless, we grabbed our buckets and wandered around, looking at each tree with the sincerest hope that there was some fruit left. Even a dinky small apple will do, I thought to myself. But you know what? It didn’t matter if there were a billion apples or zero apples. The beauty of apple picking with a toddler and a pre-schooler is that they’re happy to just run amok around the field of trees, picking up rotting apples that “only has like two bug bites in it!” (quoting my excited nearly-four year old, Pippa). Even when I excitedly found a tree with three golden delicious apples (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say – being the apple snob that I am, I can’t think of the last time I ever got excited by a golden delicious apple variety), the girls were pre-occupied by the snails on the trees than the apples dangling ready for the picking.

Each day I try to teach my girls something. One thing, any little thing. Even if it’s a new word, or describing an action, or talking about something we saw on telly, my aim is to teach them just one new thing a day. But today, like most days, they’ve taught me. Just to remember to enjoy the small, simple pleasures in life. Thanks my little darlings. I loved making this memory with you today. :)

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Recently I had the pleasure of doing an early morning family session for the beautiful Namgyal family. I love love love photographing families in their homes for lots of reasons, but my favourite reason has got to be the pancakes I get to taste. Just kidding. :) It’s one of the reasons I love home sessions, but not the reason. I LOVE how relaxed everyone is at home. I love how it’s slow, quiet, crazy, loud, all the in between moments that we live every single day but don’t necessarily think to remember to photograph. Isn’t that what our memories are made up of? I know mine are. Sliding down the banister with my big sister, making tents with couch cushions, chairs and blankets, curling up with my mom on the couch while watching some cheesy Korean soap opera.

The session at the Namgyal home was no different. They were still in their pyjamas when they greeted me at their light filled home (which I loved). “Wanna make some french toast?” Ayesha asked. And it didn’t take but two seconds before Miss N’s step stool was set up in the kitchen so she could “help” with the food prep. Little sister M was still being introduced to food so made faces the whole time her dad fed her her pear puree (and I wish I could have recorded all of his beautiful words of praise for her eating abilities. They were so sweet to listen to and so symbolic of how parents all over the world are so proud of every little thing their children do). Danny and Ayesha, you guys make parenting look pretty darn easy and carefree. I love how at any given point, one (or both) of you is always there to find a soothing teething toy for Miss M just when she needs it, or lift up Miss N for a quick twirl. And getting to see your two girls interact and laugh and eat and stare at one another just made me that much happier as I knew I was witnessing memory making right then and there.

Thanks again for letting me spend the morning with you, Ayesha and Danny! Your girls are beyond spectacular and I feel so lucky that I got to photograph them in their rooms, dancing their dances and reading their books. :)

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